All Aboard!

If All Aboard! doesn’t knock you out with their first chords, you’re either deaf or you’ve got something wrong with your taste buds. Saccharine melodies, giant choruses and raw singalongs in the vein of bands like Against Me!, Samiam or the Bouncing Souls won’t leave you cold, not even for a second. 

Playing somewhere between two and fifty shows a year, the punk rock band from Mönchengladbach, Germany managed to create a tight network of friends, allowing them, despite their varying enthusiasm for touring, to play shows in most European countries on numerous tours, shows and festival gigs.   

Their third record „The Rules of Distraction“ will be released with Bakraufarfita Records (EU) and Engineer Records (UK) in May 2021 and of course there will be a tour whenever possible again. 

Longing to get showered in beers in a stuffy cellar club, arms wrapped around your friends? 

This is your soundtrack. 



No shows planned at the moment